Why the FBI has so little interest in cellphone jamming, VoIP cell phone

The FBI’s top law enforcement official is refusing to confirm or deny that the agency is looking into a new technology that can jam cell phone communications, a practice that was previously considered a crime.FBI Director James Comey told NBC News that the FBI is not aware of any new technology designed to jam cell phones.

“I’m not going to comment on what we’re looking at,” Comey said.

“But I can tell you that we’ve not had any specific, active inquiries from anyone into cell phone data.”

However, he did say the FBI’s investigations into cell-site simulators, which allow for the interception of cellular communications, are ongoing.

“If we find that any devices are being used to transmit illegal activities, then we’ll investigate and bring charges,” Comey told reporters on Wednesday.

The FBI is already using a cellphone jammer in courtrooms, as part of an ongoing investigation into hacking of the personal accounts of individuals in the U.S.

A cell-phone jammer is an antenna-like device that allows an attacker to intercept the transmissions of a cell phone without the presence of the phone itself.

In this case, the FBI believes the jammer can be used to intercept cellular communications from cell phones that are not in range of the jamming device.

The jammer also can be installed on a computer to create a “sting” that allows the FBI to listen in on a cell-line conversation.

In addition to jamming cell phones, the bureau has developed techniques for infiltrating the networks of other networks and gaining access to information on them.


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