Which is the best cell phone headset?

The Apple iPhone 7 has been the main focus of attention during the iPhone 7 unveiling, but other recent models such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G6 also got attention from the media.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also got plenty of press, and while some have argued that the Note 7 is a better phone than the iPhone, others are also calling for the iPhone to be the best phone of all time.

According to a recent survey conducted by Mobileye, more than three-quarters of the people surveyed (79%) believe the Samsung iPhone 7 is the most powerful phone of the year, and the Samsung S7 beats out the iPhone in every category.

This makes the S7 the top choice among consumers, with the Galaxy Note7 coming in second with just under two-thirds of respondents choosing it.

The Samsung Galaxy One Max also got a fair share of media attention, with nearly three-fifths (73%) of respondents saying it is the top phone in terms of power, with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S6 being the third-most popular.

Apple’s iPhone 7 was the most popular phone of last year, but only the Samsung Note 7 came in at number one with more than seven-in-ten (69%) respondents naming the iPhone as the most important phone of this year.


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