Which cell phone phone spy agencies have the most money?

The NSA, which is facing criticism for its surveillance of US cell phone users, has the most cash in the world.

It had $8.4 billion in the bank on Monday, up from $6.4 million a week earlier.

That’s almost $5,000 a second, or $1.5 million per day.

The FBI had $2.4bn in cash at the end of the third quarter, which ended in October.

That means that the bureau has more than $4 billion on hand.

Other spy agencies that were mentioned by name include the CIA, NSA, FBI, and CIA.

But there were no figures on how much the US government spent on cybersecurity.

The NSA had the highest spend in the US, but it had to be dwarfed by the rest of the world for it to rank so high.

The UK has spent about $1 billion on cybersecurity this year, and China spent almost $1 trillion.

But China also has its own spy agencies.

The country has a strong cybersecurity culture and has been under pressure to crack down on hacking.


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