Which cell phone is right for you?

A new survey has found that more Australians are still not sure which cell phone they should get, and that the answers are mixed.

The new survey, conducted by the Australian Institute of Technology, found that almost three-quarters of respondents believed they should buy a newer phone or pay for a better one, while a third were unsure.

The research also found that a third of respondents said they did not know which phones were the best.

“This survey shows that Australians still have a lot of questions about which cell phones are best for them,” said researcher, Andrew Fenton.

“Our findings suggest that the best choice is still a mix of both phones, and it’s not clear which is best for you.”

The survey was conducted between January and April and included 2,100 respondents from across the country.

The researchers asked about their phone choices and preferences, including price, size, performance, design and battery life.

“The majority of respondents reported that they had only tried a few phones over the past year, with a few people saying they had bought multiple phones,” Dr Fenton said.

“We also asked people if they had any experience with buying a different phone, and they overwhelmingly said they had.”

The researchers also asked respondents which phone they preferred to buy based on the size and price of the device.

“People reported that the smaller phones, which are the ones that they can easily take out and carry in a pocket, were the most comfortable to use,” Dr Farson said.

They also found a significant proportion of people did not have an issue with battery life compared to other phones.

“In fact, people are almost universally positive about the battery life of the phone, especially when compared to most other devices,” Dr Jens van der Laan, associate professor at the Australian National University, said.

He said it was “quite surprising” that only 20 per cent of people were positive about their battery life, and said it could be because people were still learning about different phone technologies.

“A battery can last for years,” he said.

The survey also found there was no consensus on which phones to buy.

“Only one in five respondents had a particular preference for a particular phone,” Dr van der Leaan said.

For example, just over half of people said they preferred a smartphone that was “more powerful”, while a quarter preferred “a smartphone with a large screen”.

“One could say that there is some kind of disconnect between consumers and the technology,” Dr Van der Laam said.

Mr Fenton has called for the Federal Government to introduce a national ban on new phones for the elderly.

He wants the Federal Parliament to introduce legislation banning the use of phones that have been designed to cause injury or death.

Mr Farson believes that will be a difficult battle, given the number of smartphones being produced.

“It’s difficult to see a lot happening with these phones in the near future, given they’re still being manufactured,” he told ABC Radio Canberra.

“But we need to make sure that they’re not manufactured in unsafe conditions.”

The research is part of a broader push by the Federal Department of Communications and the Federal Communications Commission to get consumers to buy more phones.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is also working on legislation that will require phone makers to provide more details about what devices they are producing.


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