What the FCC could do with your cell phone number on a prepaid cell phone plan

With prepaid cell phones, you can get your phone number in less than a second with just one call.

The FCC is poised to give you more control over your cell numbers with a rule change.

In a draft of the rule change, the FCC said it would allow you to keep your prepaid cell number, if you’ve already had a phone number for that length of time.

You could also make a new phone number every few months if you want.

You could also have unlimited data with a prepaid phone plan, or you could get unlimited data for the next two years with a new cell phone.

It doesn’t matter how long you have a prepaid cellphone plan.

The FCC rule change was released in January but wasn’t made public until the start of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s public comment period this week.

That’s when consumers submitted more than 3.3 million comments.

The agency said it received more than 13 million responses, and it plans to finalize its rule change in a month.

If you have already made a phone call, you could keep your number with the FCC.

If you’ve had a new cellphone number in the past two years, you’ll need to change your prepaid phone number.

You can change your current prepaid phone and keep it with the carrier.


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