What is your best place to buy a cellphone?

With its recent expansion of cellular coverage, Telus has expanded its service to include more wireless customers, including those with a mobile phone.

As part of its plan to expand to additional mobile customers, Telos is now offering a service that offers “cellular phone locators” in select areas of the province.

The phone-locator service, which allows customers to search for nearby wireless towers, was first offered to customers in June.

But the service now is available in more areas, with Telos now offering the service to customers who have a mobile device that has a cellular antenna.

Customers can also add the phone-locate service to their existing service plan, though the new service will only be available to customers with an active plan.

The Telos service can be used to find a wireless tower near their home or workplace, as well as near airports, train stations and the like.

Customers may also be able to find out where their phone will be placed on the tower map and where nearby cellphone towers will be.

Telos will not offer the service outside of the Greater Toronto Area.

A spokesperson for Telos said the service is being rolled out in a limited number of locations across the province and it is not yet available in most areas.

“It is a good time to bring this to the Greater GTA,” said Toni Bowers, Teles spokesperson.

“With more people using their mobile phones to connect with others, we want to provide the best service to the most people possible.”

Telus plans to expand its service beyond its current service area to include additional wireless customers in the next few months.

The service has been rolled out to customers outside of Ontario, but Telos has not yet announced any plans for expanding it to other regions.

The new service is currently only available in the Greater Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

It costs $35 a month.

With files from The Canadian Press


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