‘The Biggest Mobile Hacks Ever’ Are Here!

On Sunday, July 28th, The Associated Press published an article detailing how hackers from the Chinese government have infiltrated into and destroyed tens of thousands of cell phones around the world.

The report states:It has been nearly two years since the last major incident of malicious cyberattacks targeting cellular phone networks.

But in July 2017, China’s top cybersecurity official said the country had now taken “the most comprehensive step” to date to shut down the internet for all users, a move that has made the country the world’s leading provider of malicious online intrusions.

China has the world by the throat in hacking and online security, according to the U.S. National Security Agency.

Last year, it took home more than $4.5 billion in stolen data, including $2.2 billion from a wide range of government agencies and companies.

The U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported this week that China is the second-largest provider of cyberattacks on the world behind only Russia.

In its first post-Snowden world report in March 2017, the U., N.K., and U.K. all warned that China was rapidly expanding its cyber capabilities, with the Chinese hacking collective the People’s Liberation Army reportedly conducting more than 5,000 cyber attacks against targets in 20 countries.

China has since announced it would build a new cyber unit, which could include the PLA Cyber Command, to expand its cyber arsenal.

In October 2016, The Guardian reported that China’s National People’s Congress was considering new laws and regulations to make it easier for Chinese hackers to break into and disable U., N.S., and international networks, which are widely used for government purposes.

The proposed laws, which would likely be enacted before President Donald Trump leaves office, would allow China to hack into networks that do not have “the requisite legal authority” to do so.

According to the report, the Chinese state has also reportedly developed a new type of computer virus that can infect phones and computers.

A Chinese cyber researcher named Wang Lei has also been working on developing a malware that can bypass encryption standards to steal data from encrypted devices.

The AP’s report states that while China is a world leader in cyberattacks, the country has yet to prove it can shut down an entire network, or even remotely shut down all of its computers, using only the power of a single cell phone.

But the report suggests that if the Chinese go after all cell phones in the U, N, and S, they could be in for a rough time.

According a recent U.D. Business School report, China has developed a suite of software tools that can help it crack into the devices of anyone, even people it suspects of being in contact with foreigners.

The software is widely used by the Chinese military and government agencies.

It is also reported that Chinese hackers have targeted several celebrities in recent years, including Kim Kardashian West, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber.


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