How to watch The Walking Dead: Season 2 (with an iPhone)

“The Walking Dead” Season 2, the latest installment of the zombie drama, will be available to stream on Apple TV starting Monday, April 5.

The show is now available for Apple TV devices and streaming on Apple Video on Mac, Windows and Android.

The first season of the AMC drama, which was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2016, was set in the post-apocalyptic town of The Colony, a sprawling, sprawling community populated by survivors from all across the United States, and featured the likes of Daryl Dixon, Negan, Shane and Glenn.

The second season of The Walking Bad, which aired from January 2017 to March 2018, saw Negan take on the mantle of leader and take control of the prison.

Season 2 will feature eight episodes, according to a statement by AMC.

The series will air on AMC from April to September and will premiere on October 9.

The Walking Bad will also be available on Netflix for its first season.

The first season, which wrapped on January 17, saw characters and characters only in one scene.

It was a scene from season 1, “The Long Road Home.”


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