How to tell if you’re at risk of cell phone fraud

A new scam targeting consumers is raising concerns for some consumers, and the company behind it has a history of scams targeting consumers.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging consumers to be cautious as it investigates claims of fraud targeting cell phones and other mobile devices.

The company behind the scam, American Mobile, has been called the “biggest mobile phone fraud threat to date,” according to the commission.

“This is the latest in a long line of frauds targeting cell phone carriers,” the commission said in a statement.

“We are urging consumers and businesses to be wary of any fraudulent claims made against them, and report suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities.”

The scam was first reported by a former employee of American Mobile on March 3.

According to a report on the scam published by the Consumer Reports website, the scammer pretended to be an AT&T customer service representative who would help with a complaint and would then make phone calls claiming to be from a phone company.

The scammer claimed that he was able to access the customer’s credit card information through the company’s customer portal and would send the card information to the fraudster’s mobile phone.

The scammer also used the victim’s name and address in the call.

According to the report, the fraudsters claimed they could access the victim through their personal cell phone number, so they could issue fake credit cards, which the scamster would then charge for using the victim phone.

The FTC urged consumers to immediately report any suspicious activity to the agency’s Consumer Fraud Hotline at 800-Fraud-800.


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