How to protect your cell phone

Cell phone microphone protects your phone from spying and hackers, but how do you get one?

Al Jazeera English has partnered with an app that helps you get a cell phone microphone for free.

The app, called The Cell Phone Protection Kit, helps protect your phone by automatically scanning the QR code that appears on the back of your cell or smartphone, as well as the text on your phone, and identifying any malicious code that might be attached to your phone.

Al Jazeera is now working with a third party to provide the service, which will be available to anyone who has an Android phone, iOS or Windows Phone.

It’s designed to provide access to the security features of the phone without needing to connect to a computer, but is also easy to use.

Aljazeera will be releasing a free trial version of The Cell Protection Kit for Android phones in the coming weeks.

If you have an Android device, we recommend downloading the mobile app before it goes live.

We’ll also be adding more coverage of The Mobile Phone Protection Toolkit, a mobile app developed by a team of security experts, as the device evolves over time.


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