How to get the best of both worlds with a Palm phone with a projector

Palm’s latest flagship smartphone has a new feature that could turn any other gadget into a portable computer.

And it’s free.

According to TechCrunch, the device is called Palm Portable Mobile, and it allows the user to plug in a laptop or desktop computer and run a full-blown Mac or Windows PC program on it.

The device is also designed to be portable, meaning you can take it with you wherever you go.

“It’s basically like having a phone that can connect to any USB port,” a tech blogger who goes by the handle Zane told TechCrunch.

“It has an IPX7 rating.

It has the ability to plug into a lot of different things.

It’s basically an IP camera.

It can do a lot.”

Zane says the phone has the capability to run a Mac or Linux program on a PC.

It is not a complete Windows PC, however, so it is not capable of running applications that use Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

Instead, the Palm Portable Phone allows the users to run programs from anywhere.

The program can even be run on the device’s own internal memory.

Zane says it can run Linux programs on the Palm, or the OS can be run from an external hard drive.

Zane claims the Palm has a high battery life.

“The battery life is almost like a phone battery life,” Zane said.

“This thing is almost a laptop battery life.”

Zanes claims the phone’s battery life of 5 hours is comparable to the Apple MacBook Air.

The Palm Portable is a phone-sized PC that will be released later this year.

It will be available for $199 and is expected to be available in April.

Zanes claims that the device has the capacity to run the same software as the MacBook Air, but with a different interface.

The device is expected launch at a later date.


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