How to get a better deal on your cell phone deal

In an attempt to get more people to sign up for cell phone plans, AT&T has launched a new program aimed at increasing their chances of getting one.

The program will let you opt out of the carrier’s $10,000 subsidy if you don’t want to pay it, and it will give you a $20 credit if you do.

But if you opt in and choose the $10 plan, you will get a $15 credit if the device you sign up with does not come with the same $10 discount.

You will also get a free SIM card that you can use to make your phone calls, texts, and data.

This will help you to reduce your monthly bill, which could save you $20 or more a month, depending on the size of your plan.

You can also choose to receive a $5 bonus if you sign in to the AT>T My Account website, and AT<em says this will also be a good way to earn free mobile data.

The deal has already been offered for several months, and you can start signing up now, but the carrier has promised to add more deals to its network in the future.

AT&ft;s announcement comes a day after Sprint launched a similar program that will let users opt out from AT&m;s $5,000 smartphone subsidy.

That carrier has also expanded the program to include a $2,500 smartphone credit for the first year.


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