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On the NFL Network’s Monday Night Football broadcast, the team’s coach said he thinks the Browns’ offense is a little too dependent on Manziel.

“The offense has been a little bit predictable,” coach Mike Pettine said.

The Browns had a big Week 1 victory over the Seahawks, and Manziel was sacked just once. “

Some of the guys have got to get a little deeper and some of the other guys have to get more out of their plays.”

The Browns had a big Week 1 victory over the Seahawks, and Manziel was sacked just once.

He’s had some struggles against the Cowboys, but his numbers were better against the Jets than the Seahawks.

“You know, when you see the number of guys that are on our offense that are playing, that have a big impact on our football team, that’s what it is,” Pettine told the network.

“And so I think when you get a guy like that, who’s got the arm strength, the speed, the athleticism, the quickness, it’s a little tough to say no.”

Pettine also said the offense has had some problems this year.

“They’ve been inconsistent, and you’ve seen that,” he said.

Manziel has had two interceptions in two games this season, which is far more than the three turnovers he has allowed in the previous nine games.

Pettine went on to praise the play of the offense in recent weeks, including when they beat the Chargers on Sunday.

“I think that was the best game I’ve seen from the offense this year,” Pettines said.

The Browns have won four straight and are in first place in the AFC North with a 16-1 record.


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