How much do cell phone bills cost in Australia?

Updated November 11, 2018 06:06:00 The average price of a domestic phone is $199.00 in Australia.

The average monthly bill in Australia is $13.20, while the average bill for a prepaid SIM card is $5.50.

However, if you have a prepaid cell phone, the cost per month can be even higher.

The cost of a cell phone can be up to 10 per cent more than the cost of an advertised plan.

A SIM card costs about $2.50 more than a advertised plan and a standard prepaid phone can cost more than $1,000 more than an advertised prepaid plan.

Below are some of the most common costs of domestic phone plans, according to data provider iiNet.

The average price for a domestic cell phone is between $499.00 and $619.00.

This is the average price per month for a 4G LTE mobile phone.

The median monthly bill for domestic prepaid mobile phone plans is $9.80, which is the median cost per user.

A prepaid SIM can cost $5 per month more than this.

A SIM card can cost up to $7.50 per month, which can be significantly more than what you would pay for an advertised mobile phone plan.SIM card plans are often sold for $5 to $9 a month, while prepaid plans are usually offered for $20 to $40.

The price of mobile phone calls in Australia are currently around $10 a minute, but that price will be cut down to $5 or less by 2020.

This will help consumers who are currently struggling to make ends meet and reduce costs for the future.


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