Google: Google will stop selling cell phone boosters for sale

Google has issued a public warning to consumers after it began selling cell phones that contain “cell phone boosters.”

The Google alert, which was published Monday on Google’s official blog, said that the Google Play store, Google Play Movies, Google Music, and Google Play Games have all been affected by the problem.

The company also said that people can only access the store from devices that have been verified as working with the Google account, which means people with multiple Google accounts can’t access the game.

“Please consider using an alternate or different device to access your Google account.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused,” the company wrote.

The problem comes in the wake of several high-profile incidents of phones getting caught in the act of using cellular data while traveling, which have prompted Google to take action to protect consumers.

Google first alerted consumers to the problem on April 1, when it posted a message to users in the U.S. and Canada saying the problem could be triggered by using an “improperly configured device.”

Google told consumers to disable cell data by entering the passcode on their device, as well as by making sure that their phones are connected to Wi-Fi networks and have access to Bluetooth.

Cellular data is data transmitted from your phone to a mobile device, including those with Bluetooth, Wi-fi, or other technologies.

In a statement, Google said the issue is currently under investigation and “there are no known threats to the safety of the devices.”

The company added that Google will begin removing the boosters from its store soon, which should allow people with older devices to continue to play games.

The Google Play Store also has an updated policy, which allows users to “pre-purchase” certain games and apps before they become available for purchase, and the company says it will begin taking steps to ensure that people who pre-purchased those games are able to play them.


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