Comcast, AT&T plan to invest $1.4 billion in fiber optic internet project

Comcast and AT&amps company are planning to invest up to $1 billion in a fiber optic network project in the southeastern U.S. The project is being backed by Comcast and the AT&ams companies cable network operator.

“We are confident that we will be able to provide fiber to every corner of the country by 2035, and we have a proven track record of delivering a high-speed broadband network that delivers quality services to all customers,” said Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts in a statement.

The $1 Billion project is called “BeltLink.”

The network will be built by the cable company and its cable partner, AT & T, and will be located in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

“The project will provide broadband connectivity for every American family, from the most remote neighborhoods in the South to the most urbanized neighborhoods in New York City,” said AT>T Chief Information Officer Mike Belsky.

“By deploying our fiber optic backbone to the BeltLink project, we will build on our legacy and continue to build on the transformative technology that is at the heart of the Internet.”

The project, which is being financed by Comcast, is expected to be completed by 2033.

“Our commitment to our customers is to ensure they have access to high-quality broadband, as well as a highly efficient, secure, and secure network, and the BeltLine will bring those two to life,” Roberts said.


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