Cell phone jail to become a reality in UK

A cell phone shop is opening in the UK, in what promises to be a first for a country with a vast population of mobile phones.

A shop in London will accept cell phones and offer free calls and texts.

The company, Cellphones for Free, which specialises in providing phone and tablet chargers, has partnered with the London Metropolitan Police to develop the cell phone app.

It will be available for the UK and European market in April.

The idea was born out of a need to get people out of their phones and onto the mobile web.

Cell phones are becoming a common sight in the home and office, with people using them to chat and record videos, and use them to send text messages and photos.

“We want to make the experience of using cell phones more accessible, but at the same time provide the users with a safe place to use them,” Cellphones chief executive Chris Molloy said.

Molloy, who worked at the Metropolitan Police for seven years, said the service would be similar to the “safer texting” apps available in other countries, but would not require users to register their phone number or create a PIN.

“Our aim is to provide a safe environment where people can have a chat with friends, work out how to get home, share a movie or music and much more,” he said.

Cell phones will be a staple of everyday life in the US and Europe.

They will also be found in many other countries and the UK has more than 5.5 million cell phones.

The British government has introduced a ban on the use of cell phones by police officers and has introduced rules that require them to turn off their phones when not in use.

Cellphones have been a big growth area for companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Twitter.


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