Apple’s cell phone camera app for iPhone and iPad gets ‘tweak’

Apple’s new iOS 6 app for cell phone cameras is getting a new, somewhat “tweakable” feature that allows users to select the location of the camera.

According to the developers of the app, the tweak is a way for the user to “better navigate” around the camera while in-camera.

The developers are using the app to make their own iPhone camera app.

The tweak lets users toggle between two “sensors” which can be used to toggle the camera’s zoom and focus modes, and the camera will then “learn” the location based on the location.

The app was first published in August as an “in-house” product.

Apple’s mobile camera app is now in beta, but its been “in use for about a week,” according to a blog post from the developers.

AppleInsider reported that the tweak, called “cellphone detector,” is “built into the camera and can be enabled by tapping on the camera icon in the menu bar, which brings up a list of nearby cell phones.”

The tweak is not compatible with other phones with cameras that do not use a micro-USB connection.

AppleInsider also reported that “cell phone detectors” are a way to detect and report nearby cell phone towers that are used for cellular data.

In that scenario, the camera would not know where the tower was located.

The app is available for both iOS 6 and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.


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